I have a true passion for organic skincare and natural ingredients. Their affinity with the skin is fascinating and the infinite wealth of possibilities they offer are just incredible! I prepared a diploma in organic skincare formulation when I already had a job and I was far from feeling comfortable with chemistry. That’s saying!

And yet. I say it again: the only essential, the most effective ingredient, it’s you!

I explain.


Yes, you can have dry, combination or oily skin but above all, it’s an organ. Among other things, it holds our organs inside our body, it protects us from the sun, it regulates our temperature, it protects us from infections. Did you know that it has 640 000 sensory receptors? They’re directly connected to the brain and the nervous system and they make us feel pain, pleasure, pressure, heat, cold.

So, your skin has a job, it knows what it has to do and mind you, it has its own agenda. Your skin doesn’t care that the latest cream did wonders on your neighbour’s skin because you’re not the neighbour.

Taking care of our skin means taking care of our looks because we’re entitled to a bit of vanity but it also means to help our largest organ do its job.

If you understand your skin (yourself, that is), you’ll be able to understand its agenda and things will get a lot easier and more effective.

So, I have no magic formula but I have a plan!

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash


When I run workshops, I’m struck by how difficult it is for people to look at themselves. 90% of them look at their reflection with prying eyes and it’s obvious that they’re looking for flaws. Then, they turn away.

Often, they reconnect with themselves little by little and one day the way they look at themselves changes. I’ve seen people forgetting to frown and smiling at their reflection right after taking a masque off (oh the analogy!). I don’t know what happened in their mind and that’s not my business, but it was great!

That’s the first point in my plan: look at yourself and look at yourself kindly. Give yourself permission to have flaws, don’t judge yourself. Don’t try to find what needs to be fixed or what you can control.

Let it go and you will see what your skin is telling you.


Do your research. Don’t fret, it’s not about having a degree in chemistry! More simply, it’s about knowing what you need.

There are so many skincare products launched every day and the offer is so huge that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Many people don’t even know what to choose anymore!

While a formula is a lot more than a mere list of ingredients, you’ll see that choosing gets a lot easier once you know how to read the said list and you know which ingredients you need. The best product in the world will do nothing for you if you don’t need it!

I don’t believe in magic potions but I do believe in good, well-chosen products in a well thought-out routine that adapts to the seasons and the weather, to the changes in your life and in your body. 



How do you define beautiful skin? I usually start my workshops with this question and I get all kinds of different answers. Beauty is multiple, right?!

I personally totally adhere to the ayurvedic definition of beautiful skin. In Ayurveda, beauty is the expression of healthy, radiant skin. In Ayurveda again, a healthy and radiant skin can only come from a balance in every aspect of your life: food, habits, emotions, skincare etc.

Food, sleep, stress: does it speak to you? Cosmetics just can’t take care of our bad habits and it’s absolutely useless to invest in under eye products to fight dark circles off if you chronically don’t sleep enough. I know, I tried!

It’s about skincare from the inside out. Take care of your skin from the inside first. Now, I’m not saying that you should take some kind of ascetic, no-cosmetics vows. On the contrary! I repeat – take care of your skin from the inside first but pamper yourself too. Treat yourself like a queen, transform your bathroom into a spa just for the time of your skincare routine. Relax, reconnect, envelop yourself in luxury, serenity and voluptuousness – luxe, calme et volupté. You only have 5 minutes? Fine. Make them count!


And I mean YOU. The person under the skin. Take care of all of you.

Who doesn’ want to feel good in her own skin? And who finds it easy? Nobody. I know. We’re all in the same boat…

Yet, you’re going to have to think beyond the bottle. It means that you do it on your own terms of course but it also means that you throw everything at it and give it your best. Me, I’m in love with the concept of becoming who you are. It’s a life journey alright but nobody said it couldn’t start in your bathroom. Start with being present to yourself when you take care of your skin and expand from there.

You’re already perfect just the way you are. You only need to give your skin what it needs to look the best version of itself and only you can do it. You only need to give yourself what you need to feel like the best version of yourself and only you can do it.

Only you can do it but I’m here to help.