The situation is serious. My arms show early signs of sagging and my grandmother’s words are ringing in my head: « you can’t stay young forever, my darling ». Actually, she used a French expression that sounds a lot more depressing than that: « on nepeut pas être et avoir été« .  Literally translated – you can’t have been and (still) be. Doom.

I’m kidding of course! It’s true that my dear grandmother said that and it’s true that my arms are not as toned as before but it’s not that serious!! It’s called ageing and I quite like ageing. Now, I’d like to stay in shape as long as possible and my arms obviously need some TLC or they’ll turn into noodles.

So, here’s my 4 steps routine for toned arms.



Rule N°1: don’t shame them just because your triceps’ grip is not as tight as before or because they’re chubby or because they’re skinny or whatever.

I like my arms and I’m grateful for them. They serve me loyally, they embrace my loved ones, they cradled my son. Although it’s definitely about helping them to stay fit, it’s absolutely not about achieving whatever kind of perfection is on trend at the moment. No pressure, okay? Let’s stay positive and kind with our body.


Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash


Well-chosen exercise will help to tone your muscles and reshape your arms.

Furthermore, it seems that exercise also helps to get a firm and healthy skin by stimulating the blood circulation, which brings more nutrients to the skin. I’ve read an article about a study led by researchers at McMaster University in Ontario. They selected a panel of 65 + years old people with a sedentary lifestyle and they made them thoroughly exercise for 3 months. The samples at the beginning of the experiment showed normal skin for their age. The samples at the end of the experiment showed skins looking very similar to those of 20- to 40-year-olds. Interesting, right?!

I chose 2 Pilates sessions that you can have at home without any particular equipment. They have different styles so that you can choose the one you prefer. The first one is in French but images speak for themselves and the second one (honestly more cheering) is part of a whole playlist dedicated to the arms and the upper body.



Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash

3. dry brush them

A brushing routine on a dry skin can only help to stimulate the blood circulation a bit more. It will also drain the lymph and firm the skin.

I brush my body after exercising and before showering. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it does wonders!


You may want to read this article about the whys and hows of dry brushing.


A hydrated and nourished skin is more resistant, more elastic and plumpy. Don’t skip the hydration step after your shower!

You can use your usual body lotion or your body oil but I like this firming oil by Joveda if you prefer a dedicated product. I find that it really helps to tone the skin or at least it really improves its texture. Besides, it relieves joint and muscle pain, which is a good thing because ouch ouch ouch aching muscles! This oil by Fushi looks interesting too. Finally, how could I not recommend the body oils by Pratima Skincare for the lucky ones who can get their hands on them in the United States!

If you choose an oil, just apply it on a damp skin. It will help to massage the oil and to make it absorb faster, plus it will seal the moisture into the epiderm.

Et voilà!

And you? Do you have any tips to share?