Today I want to share this video about gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg because it always makes me feel good when I’m stressed out and I hope that it will be the same for you.



The video speaks for itself but I want to share my small experience too because I hadn’t understood what practising gratitude means until very recently. I had already tried the gratitude thing like listing 5 things I felt thankful for in my day but  I never managed to come up with anything that felt right. Which is all kinds of wrong. I have quite a good life, how is it possible that I could not find things to be thankful for in my day ?! Oh, I hear you – yes I’m thankful for my loved ones. But what are the little details in my day that make me feel grateful? Blank. Way to feel like a looser or an ingrate!

Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash

Nature gives a hand

The day I understood started with a foul mood. It was a Saturday and I usually go rowing early in the morning. I didn’t hear my alarm and went from opening my eyes to full panic mode in the blink of an eye (literally) – the kind of panic where you uselessly spin round and round because the one neuron in your brain that is awake remembers that you have something to do (like hopping into your clothes) but the neurons that actually know what to do are still dead to the world. I still made it in 15 minutes and arrived dishevelled, disconnected and grumpy for the day.


My little corner of the world had been granted a wonderful, sumptuous summer day in the midst of fall and it was so easy to feel grateful that  I was exhaling rainbows, unicorns and heart doodles when night fell. Perhaps it was because I had watched this video the day before… Who knows? Anyway, I didn’t have to rack my brain to find things to list. I didn’t write them, but I can still remember :

  • the mist over the water and the eery atmosphere in the early morning,
  • the shades of red and green in the sunlight,
  • the swan who was cleaning his feathers and who was radiating so much warmth that he was surrounded by his own little misty halo,
  • the water- so smooth and calm this morning,
  • the companionship of friends who went on board with me when I grumbled something about bad mood and not wanting to row alone,
  • this day being a Saturday,
  • waking up 15 minutes early enough to be able to be there,
Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash


My point is that it was easy because it was easy to be present. Practicing gratitude is not about spending my day in automatic mode and then scribbling in my bed a list of things I think I should be grateful for. It’s about being fully present, paying attention to every detail of the picture and catching on to everything that makes me feel so good and alive and lucky that I want to say thank you.

And since all days are not sunny Saturdays, it’s about trying to be as much present as I can to be able to capture beautiful, feel good stuff.


I still don’t write anything but it’s because I don’t feel the need to. I notice that it gets easier to stop the whirlwind though. It’s just for a few minutes, a few seconds sometimes but it’s enough to enjoy small things that make me smile. Even though it’s not a Saturday. Even when the weather is bad. And when I need a booster shot, I just watch Louie Schwartzberg’s gift again.

I hope that the video will inspire you too.