I hate feeling cold and my body routine depends a lot on seasons. My goal in winter is to spend as little time as possible out of warm clothing and when I really want to spend time pampering myself, I indulge in a warm and enveloping massage like the abhyanga. In spring and summer though, I really enjoy dry brushing. We’re now in spring and it’s the perfect time to try and convince those of you who are not dry brushers yet that it could be an interesting addition to your routine.


The brushing will not only act as a scrub and help to shed off dead skin but it will also act as a lymphatic drainage. It’s all relative of course – dry brushing is not as efficient as a manual massage performed by a practitioner but it definitely will :

  • stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation
  • improve the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins
  • tone
  • help reduce body fat
  • make skin silky smooth

Yep. All that!

Purchase a brush with natural fibres, not too hard but still firm. Mine is made of horsehair and agave fibres.


And do not dry brush if you suffer from a severe infection or in case of a suspected tumour. It’s better to ask for medical advice in case of renal insufficiency, heart problems, asthma or hyperthyroidism.


Start at your feet and brush upward towards the heart. Follow the lymph circulation and guide the toxins towards the exits in the inguinal fold, under the arms and above your collarbone. Give your skin time to adjust and brush with a light touch the first times. Eventually, the strokes should be firm but not to the point of irritating or scratching the skin. I suggest that you watch this video by Emmanuelle from Beauté Pure rather than giving you long details. It’s in French but images speak for themselves and her demonstration is very clear. Repeat each movement several times and find your own timing. The best moment for dry brushing is in the morning because it is more energizing than calming but I find it hard to squeeze it in my morning routine and I usually dry brush in the evening. It suits me just fine but it may not be good for you if you have sleep troubles. Always brush on dry skin before showering and massaging your favourite body oil on the damp skin for one last treat. I love this routine, I always feel so light the day after!

One last thing: it’s recommended to pause during 1 or 2 weeks every month if you dry brush every day without fail. Normal human beings tend to be lazy sometimes though and usually don’t have to bother with calendar management.

So, there’s only one thing to do:

Get your brush!