We’re well into July and it’s about time I give you the formula for an all-in-one body oil that will make your skin glow with a beautiful sun-kissed look.

I may be a bit late if you’re already on vacations (forgive me!) but it’s not too late to make your tan last.



I’ve used it last summer and while I was only gone for one week and doesn’t spend much time in the sun anyway, I got many compliments about my tan! The oil simply helped to make it last with a beautiful golden glow.

If you want to prepare your skin before your vacations, apply the oil approximately 3 weeks before sun exposure. I like to use it to give some colour to my very white legs too. The colour blends beautifully with your natural colour to make it look sun-kissed. No orange, I promise!

It can also be used as an after-sun care to help your skin to recover from UV aggression and I like to mix it with the aloe vera gel I keep in the fridge. 2 pumps of aloe vera in the palm of your hand + 1 pump of oil = 1 refreshing and soothing after-sun care. It’s great when you come back from the beach!



> Jojoba oil

Because it’s nourishing, balancing, anti-ageing and it suits sensitive or sensitized skins.


Because I use it everywhere. I love its soothing action and it’s the ideal oil for dehydrated skins.


It smells so good! Its exotic, fruit scent reminds me of the fruit of the loom. It has a soothing and protective action and it’s full of carotenoids and vitamin A. Hello healthy glow!


For a healthy dose of beta-carotenes.

> calendula CO2 EXTRACT

For its soothing and repairing action.

> vitamin E

Vitamin E is unnegotiable if you want to help the skin to recover from sun exposure. My formula is poor in vitamin E, so I use it as an active here.


Isn’t it mood lifting?!


  • Jojoba oil – 56,8%
  • Hemp seed oil – 30%
  • Pequi oil – 10%
  • Carrot macerate – 2%
  • vitamin E – 1%
  • Calendula CO2 extract – 0,1%
  • Rosemary CO2 extract – 0,1%


  1. Disinfect your work table and your material.
  2. Weigh your ingredients in a beaker.
  3. Blend.
  4. Pour into a bottle.

And voilà!

You have your golden glow in a bottle!

Happy vacations!

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